Fusion Triathlon Club operate an annual training plan that runs from late September / early October for 12 months. It’s a highly professional plan that focuses on improving athletes performance / abilities by addressing key factors such as functional and technical ability, base aerobic ability, strength and strength endurance, race speed work and skills. The programme is designed to work progressively to allow you to deliver improved performance year on year by focussing on specific elements and progressively putting them together to move you forwards. Whilst the programme operates in generic phases it’s always delivered for all abilities and is easily tailored for different goals and race dates. This annual plan is the reason why so many athletes including total novices, single sport athletes, world age group and elite champions make so much progress and have helped Fusion Triathlon Club grow so successfully.

All our triathlon training session are based in and around the West End of Glasgow, making use of public swimming pools, local parks, and cycling into the hills surrounding Glasgow. Along with the weekly session there are chances to train away from Glasgow, using the Fusion Club Training Camps.

All sessions will be season specific to fit the fusion annual training plan - so expect comprehensive coaching covering technical and functional development alongside specific elements of fitness, fun and the occassional "fusion challenges". Generally any ability welcome - run sessions involve no more than 20 mins straight running at anyone time and routes will be such that nobody is left behind or "dragged along". Sunday runs will be sociable but will enevitably split into matched ability groups or own paced running that re-convene at various point on the route for drill work etc. Please note that the swimming is freestyle development so you need to be able to swim 100m of freestyle (front crawl)  - doesn't matter how slow though!!

Swimming - Top quality swimming in a top quality pool. Aerobic development with drill set to improve propulsion and reduce drag in the water. Please bring your own kickboard, pull buoy and fins if you possess them.

Cycling - Expect a meeting point and suggested routes/lengths every week on the forum. Please check the forum regularly

Running - 70 minute sessions including base aerobic development, neural recruitment, speed and stride length/rate development, posture and strength work.


Ask yourself the following questions and come up with some answers!!

• Have you got a goal in mind?
• What did you do well at this year?
• What can you improve for next year?
• What commitments will I make to change for next year?
• What races / events will I be doing next year?