The Committee

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: Mike Adair 

My triathlon career (?) kicked off in 2012 when I entered the Fusion Mega-mini event and even though it was short (150m swim, 6k bike, 2k run) I was hooked. I started training with the club that autumn and haven’t really looked back since – mainly because the competition are usually in front of me! I’ve entered loads of events since then and my favourite race would be something like Craggy Island which combines adventure, racing and the great outdoors.

In 2016 my goals are getting back to race fitness after a lay-off last year with an injury and also, as part of the Committee, helping to  keep the club at the forefront of triathlon in the UK.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: Chris O'Neill

Started training with the club in 2013. I joined the club and took up triathlon as I was trying to learn to surf and thought that if I could learn to swim properly it might help. I figured that since I quite liked running and cycling then joining a triathlon club might be the way to go. I could maybe learn to swim properly and run and ride my bike more often! A couple of friends introduced me to Fusion and since joining I've gone from only being able to swim three or four lengths of the pool to swim training three or four times a week and almost keeping up with some of the guys and gals in the fast lanes. That would not have happened had it not been for a whole bunch of welcoming friendly and encouraging members and some top coaching.

I'm still trying to stand up on my surf board...... 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: Emma Lamont 

Number of Years in Triathlon? I completed by first triathlon in 2009 – Edinburgh New Year’s Day Triathlon. I got into the sport through 2 of my cousins who had done this race previously and I was already a swimmer I thought I could give the running and cycling bit a go – little did I know how steep Arthur’s Seat was! I think I walked/ran up it quicker than I cycled up!

Why Fusion? I have been with Fusion since near the beginning; it's a great club with fantastic coaches and really supportive members. I would never train as hard as I do without the support of the club.

Background: I come from a swimming background – competing while at school and then at Uni. Although I have to admit the Uni swim team was a lot more about the social side than the actual swimming! I did a lot of gym classes before starting triathlon, body pump and body balance etc. I thought I was fit back then, but looking back now I really wasn’t in comparison to the fitness levels I achieved through triathlon.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: Hayley Jenkins 

... is good at triathlon!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: Elaine Fleming


Number of Years in Triathlon: I became involved after watching my children have fun taking part in the Youth Aquathlon series. I wanted to take part but couldn’t swim front crawl. After 6 months of practice, I entered the Novice race at Bishopbriggs in 2011, and even though I wasn’t fast, I completed the distance. By then I was hooked and realised that I needed some expert help!
Why Fusion? My children are all Fusion members and had been going along to the Juniors sessions since they started, so I knew a little bit about the club. The technical swim session at Allander was the key for me. Even though I could hardly complete the warm-up in the first few weeks, John’s patience and encouragement kept me coming back. Learning to swim has been one of the biggest achievements of my adult life!
Background: I wasn’t particularly sporty when I was younger, but I have seen the benefits that my children have gained from being members of Fusion. Being able to take part in events as a family has been great, although I have had to get used to finishing after my children!!



Junior Representative: Lara Maclean

... is good at triathlon!




Communications Officer: Donna McHugh

Involved in triathlon since March 2010, 

First triathlon: Stirling novice triathlon 2010, 1st full sprint distance: Ayr open water 2010

Best results: 2014: World Age Group Duathlon Champion and Silver medallist at European Duathlon Championship. 

2015: Silver at European Duathlon Championships

Plans: May 2016 European Triathlon Championships, still chasing that European Duathlon Gold!


Ordinary Member: Lynsay Falconer


Number of Years in Triathlon? I was roped into triathlon by my other half... I wasn't really that interested until I went to help out at a race he was doing and was inspired to give it a go. I did my first triathlon, Bishopbriggs Novice, in 2009 and have gone on to cover every distance (I think) since then...

Why Fusion? I have been with Fusion since the beginning; it's a great club with fantastic coaches and really supportive members.

Background: I came from a swimming background, although it had been a good 15 (or more) years since I had really done very much. I had also taken part in the odd 10km here and there but other than that I really didn't do much sport before getting sucked in by triathlon. 


Ordinary Member: Lindsay Davidson


Number of years in Triathlon: I am fairly new to triathlon, having only been involved in the sport since 2013. I had been fretting for a while over presumably super fit athletes, before finally making it to a Scotstoun swim session: It turned out that I had nothing to worry about after all, since the club caters for all abilities. My first triathlon was the Stirling Sprint, and I have since also taken part in a relay team event. Having well and truly caught the bug, I have entered four races already for this year, including one relay event. I firmly believe that triathlon is an inclusive sport for anyone to enjoy.
Why Fusion? I had first spotted the Fusion crowd at Scotstoun when I was still a gym bunny. Eventually I plucked up the courage to join them and then quickly found that everyone is supportive and encourages you to be the best you can be regardless of your level of ability. My least favourite discipline is currently the run, but I’m steadily improving thanks to the excellent coaching.
Background: I used to swim in a club as a youngster, but training seven days a week eventually killed all enjoyment and made me the drop the sport. I took up running later and managed up to half marathon distance, but in the end gave that up, too. My first proper cycle ride was with colleagues from work out to Aberfoyle on a sunny Sunday morning, which was immensely enjoyable. Ultimately this led to me to thinking about putting the three disciplines together and trying triathlon.


Ordinary Member: Thomas Sloan

... is good at triathlon!


Ordinary Member: Marc Niebel

... is good at triathlon!